Dayak Kamang

West Kalimantan Province – Indonesia


The Kamang motif is generally found in the Dayak tribe shield, because it is believed to increase the magical power and raise the spirit of the person who wears it. The Kamang is a male ancestral spirit, often portrayed wearing nothing but a loincloth and sitting cross-legged.

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How to preserve Batik

Philosophical Meanings of Batik

Learn and identify the meaning of the motifs from each region. Are you searching for a meaningful gift for your loved ones? Surprise them with a merry little Batik!

Authentic Batik

Buy the authentic handwritten Batik textiles to add to your prestigious collection. Such support will enhance the well-being of Batik artisans and preserve the living heritage.

Batik Community

If you want to meet the Batik artisans, we encourage you to visit and support Batik workshops in Indonesia. You may discover the local tourism that suits your preference!

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009

Batik Production Process in West Kalimantan

Batik production can take 1 month up to 2 years of working time depending on the purposes of the textile creation and the colour complexity. The Batik handwriting textile is generally made with 8 design steps, ranging from wax patterning to colouring process. The artists use Canting, as a tool to put hot melted wax on the cloth. 

Batik Regions 

Overview of West Kalimantan Province

The Province of West Kalimantan is located on the island of Kalimantan. The capital of this province is Pontianak, whose latitude is crossed by the Equator line (Zero latitudes).  The most dominant ethnic groups in West Kalimantan are Dayak (34.93%) and Malay (33.84%). The Dayaks mostly inhabit the countrysides while the majority of Malay ethnic lives in the coastal area. The other ethnic groups are Javanese, Chinese, Madurese and Bugis. Chinese ethnic inhabits some cities like Singkawang and Pontianak.


    Batik Villages in West Kalimantan Province

    Batik villages are the region where the Batik producers mostly reside and open their  Batik workshops, as well as display their Batik products. You could buy the Batik textiles from the artisans and participate in the making process of Batik on the site.

    Other Motifs in West Kalimantan



    The name of this motif is the acronym of three ethnics namely,

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    Awan Berarak

    Awan Berarak

    Awan Berarak is a combination of Dayak motifs and Malay patterns. The word ‘Awan Berarak’ means the

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    Insang Ikan

    Insang Ikan

    Insang refers to the gills of the fish. This is a typical pattern of Malay ethnic who inhabits

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    West Kalimantan


    Betang Traditional House

    The Betang house is the traditional Dayak Great House, and it contains a lot of its spiritual and

    Pontianak City

    The capital city of West Kalimantan that also known as the “Equator Zero”. Apart from this unique

    Equator Monument

    As the main tower in Pontianak, the equatorial monument is crossed by a line that divides the

    Kadriah Royal Palace

    This is the place if you want to see cultural assimilation through architecture. Located in East Pontianak,




    Torosiaje Coastal Village

    One of the most suggestive sites of the province, for sure! It belongs to Bajo people who

    Floating Batak House

    The boat tours that adopt the concept of floating Batak house. With this boat,

    Kobori Cave

    According to history, the marvelous Megalithic Kobori Cave has existed since 4000 B.C.

    Idrus Tintin Cultural Centre

    With a unique Riau-Malay style architecture, Idrus Tintin Art Pavilion is

    Ternate City

    Located on the slope of the Gamalama volcano mountain, this city offers

    Soeman HS Library

    Pekanbaru is the capital of Riau Province and is also famous for educational

    Samosir Island – Toba Lake 

    This place is an ancient village that exudes a unique culture of the Batak ethnic group

    Pontianak City

    The capital city of West Kalimantan that also known as the “Equator Zero”. Apart from this unique

    Cian Cui Festival

    Cian Cui Festival is originally an annual tradition of the Chinese descendants in

    Tanah Lot

    Tanah Lot Temple is one of Bali’s most important landmarks, where

    Tabut Festival

    Bengkulu regional government holds annual the Tabut Festival that takes place in

    Borobudur Temple UNESCO WHS

    Borobudur Temple is the biggest Buddhist temple in the world and is inscribed as UNESCO

    Kota Tua – Jakarta Old Town

    Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. It has been the theater of lots of historical and cultural

    Sandeq Race Festival

    Do you want to know one of the world’s fastest wooden boat? Sandeq boat is

    Kasada Ceremony at Bromo Mountain

    Kasada Ceremony is a traditional holiday of the Tengger tribe, which is

    Putro Phang Royal Garden

    Putro Phang Royal Garden is an expression of love built during the era of

    Betang Traditional House

    The Betang house is the traditional Dayak Great House, and it contains a lot of its spiritual and

    Balla Peu Village

    For all the people interested in rural culture, this place will give them the opportunity to

    Museum of Mulawarman

    Do you want to explore Dayak culture across centuries? This museum offers

    Avalokitesvara Shrine Banten

    If you have a passion for history and you like to get to know new things about

    Tana Toraja National Heritage Site

    One cannot miss the wonder of Kete Kesu Village in Tana Toraja. It is the homeland of

    Bandar Lampung City

    It is the capital city in this region. Despite its congested town, it is full of

    Cual Woven Textile Museum

    This museum is the first and only museum in Pangkalpinang that provides

    Kenali Village

    Every region in Indonesia has a particular traditional house that represents

    Pariangan Cultural Village

    Nagari Pariangan as the most beautiful village in the world, according to Travel Budget

    Pampang Cultural Village

    This area is inhabited by Dayak Kenyah and once a year they

    Ksitigarbha Buddhist Temple

    The Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha is known as the Buddhist temple with a thousand faces

    Siak Historical Palace

    The Sri Indrapura Siak Kingdom was the largest Islamic Malay kingdom in

    Bedugul Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

    an excellent place for having spiritual soul discovery

    Yogyakarta City of Culture

    This city represents the most magnificent cultural spot of Java. Settled in 1755, Yogyakarta is

    Historical Grand Mosque of Palembang

    Grand Mosque of Palembang, founded in 1738, has a distinctive blend of three cultures,

    Yogyakarta Royal Palace

    The Sultan’s Palace which lies in the middle of Yogyakarta city. Here people can

    Sukarara Textile Village

    Located in Lombok island, this village is known for its flourishing weaving

    Kadriah Royal Palace

    This is the place if you want to see cultural assimilation through architecture. Located in East Pontianak,

    Sade – Bayan Lombok Cultural Villages

    Famous for its cultural destination, Lombok island of West Nusa Tenggara enchants

    Bubohu Cultural Village

    If you want to spend your vacation in the most authentic

    Daik Lingga Royal Palace

    The wonder of the Riau – Lingga royal palace complex consists of

    Cangkuang Temple

    Located in Leuwigoong village, this temple is the only one Hindu temple in

    East Java House of Batik

    Do you want to see all variants of Batik motifs in East Java?

    National monument – The Monas

    The monument was a “lighthouse project” designed to remind

    Tri Agung Buddhist Shrine in Tikus island

    Enjoying the beauty of the beach and discovering spiritual tourism, why not?

    Indonesian Stamp Museum

    This quaint museum will bring you back to in time, to when smartphones and

    Batanghari Pedestrian Bridge

    Batanghari Pedestrian bridge is also another iconic landmark of Jambi. This bridge was

    Baliem Valley

    Apart from the breathtaking view you can enjoy here, Baliem Valley is

    Kalamata Fort

    Again, it is a testimony of the Portuguese colonization of Indonesia. This fort is located near

    Maria Annai Velangkani Catholic Church

    The unique church building was made for and by Catholics of Tamil Indian descendants in

    Mansinam Historical Island

    This holy island has been the witness of the two German catholic missionaries who introduced

    Ammatoa Indigenous Village

    Kajang tribe of Ammatoa Village is known for their typical traditional ceremony that is practiced to reveal

    Kemaro Buddhist Shrine

    The island is famous for its legendary love stories like Romeo and Juliet,

    West Sumatra Grand Mosque

    The Great Mosque of West Sumatra is characterized with its Minang-styled air ventilations to

    Surabaya City of Heroes

    Indonesia’s heritage city that was built as a commemoration to soldiers lost to the Great War

    Aceh Gayo Premium Coffee Festival

    Gayo Aceh Arabica coffee is the best premium organic coffee in the world, recognized by

    Siwalima Museum

    The word “Siwalima” is composed of two words that have been taken from

    Bubungan Tinggi Traditional House

    The traditional house of Banjar Tribe in South Kalimantan is known for its steep

    Imogiri Royal Cemetery

    You may think that cemeteries are not the perfect spot to visit if you are on vacation?

    Bantimurung National Park

    Have you ever thought if the Kingdom of Butterflies really exists in the world?

    Tin Museum

    Bangka Belitung Province has the only tin museum ever built today

    Baiturrahman Historical Grand Mosque

    The Grand Mosque of Aceh was built in 1612 during the reign of

    Besakih Temple

    Besakih Temple is regarded as Bali’s ‘Mother temple’ – a grand

    Manado City

    The city of Manado is famous as a unique city as it is located in a bay near

    Penglipuran Village

    Penglipuran Village is awarded as the 3rd most beautiful and cleanest village in the world

    Balanga Museum

    Originally thought of as a regional museum, Balanga Museum collects a lot of objects which are

    Cycling race tour de siak

    Tour De Siak is an annual international bicycle racing activity consisting of

    Otanaha Fortress

    Built by the Portuguese in 1522, it is the most visited spot in Gorontalo

    Ampera Bridge

    Ampera Bridge is a historic bridge which was built during 1962-1965 for

    Danar Hadi Batik Museum

    Do you want to travel the time through Batik? One of the must visit destination in Central Java is

    Sentani Lake Festival

    If you happen to be here around June 19th, you should definitely take part in

    Museum of Bulungan Sultanate

    Bulungan is a historical museum to witness the legacy of the

    Golden Sunrise in Dieng Plateau

    Dieng Plateau mountain complex is a magic place to experience two different kinds of sunrise, which are

    Muara Jambi Temple

    Muara Jambi Temple, built since the 13th Century,  is a legacy during the reign of Srivijaya

    Al Mashun Historical Mosque of Medan

    This mosque was built during the reign of Sultan Ma’mun Alrasyid Perkasa Alam in

    Prambanan Temple

    One of the most important Hindu complex of temples built in 850 AD

    Trowulan – Majapahit Heritage Site

    Rumor has it that after the death of a king or queen, many rites began to

    Setu Babakan – Betawi Cultural Village

    This place will make you know and appreciate some cultural heritage of

    Aceh Tsunami Museum

    The Aceh Tsunami Museum is a memorial monument of the biggest Tsunami disaster that

    Fort Marlborough

    Fort Marlborough in Bengkulu was once built by the British colonial era during

    Museum of Adityawarman

    The museum was built to commemorate Adityawarman, a king of Minangkabau in

    Pinawetengan Museum

    In Pinawetengan Museum, you can see various collections, such as

    At Taqwa Grand Mosque

    Bengkulu also offers spiritual tourism with historical nuances and