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Mobile App and Artificial Intelligence

iWareBatik Mobile App

The iWareBatik mobile app displays most of the common Batik motifs, meanings and socio-cultural elements of Batik in 34 provinces in Indonesia. Through interactive features, users can explore the uniqueness of the best tourist spots spread in 34 provinces of Indonesia. This application presents the world of Batik and its diversity which is reflected from Western to the Eastern part of Indonesia through images, videos about Batik production in each region and Batik fashion show events. iWareBatik can be accessed in 2 languages, namely English and Indonesian in order to facilitate the Indonesian and global learners in understanding the exquisite cultural elements of traditional Batik textile.

Batik Recognition Tool (BRT)

The iWareBatik mobile app is also equipped with Artificial Intelligence – neural machine learning that functions to recognize Batik Pattern captured from the camera feature in the mobile app.  

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iWareBatik App Overview

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