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Ritual ceremonies

Batik is a sacred expression drawn in a piece of textile. The use of Batik permeates in the life of Indonesian community from birth to death. 

royal Outfits

Cirebon Royal Palace

Indonesian traditional outfits might vary from one region to the other, the ancient rule of wearing Batik is preserved in the royal palaces of Java, for instance in Cirebon Royal Palace, Surakarta Royal Palace, and Yogyakarta Sultanate. 

– Batik for Javanese Royal Fashion 

Photo : Viva.id 

Photo: Sandra Woro

Javanese Traditional Costume

Wahyu Temurun Motif

In the picture I wore Lurik woven textile as my top, although Lurik is not particularly well known, it is one of the traditional woven textiles in Indonesia and I love it because the motives are always simple and I can mix and match it easily. For the skirt, I wore Batik adorned with Wahyu Tumurun motives that represent blessings and abundant grace from God. As a Javanese, I feel instantly beautiful and elegant wearing my traditional costume. It drives me to be calm yet exudes my confidence.

Sandra Woro Aryani (Indonesian)
Master in Bussiness Administration

University of Roma Tor Vergata, Italy

semi-formal ceremonies

The Twist of Traditional and Modernity

Batik gives ample room of expression in terms of its wearing rules. Young ladies nowadays put Batik as lower garment so as to respect the customary rules in traditional ceremonies (weddings, celebrations, etc). The twist of modernity can be seen on their upper garment and the make up. This combination exudes the elegance, beauty, and dynamism of Indonesian young ladies. 


– The Twist of Modern and Traditional Wearing Rules of Batik

Photo: Kebaya Indonesia 

Photo: Agushare

Wedding Outfits

Sidomulyo motif

The Sidomulyo motif is a typical batik pattern for traditional wedding outfits of Central Java. The motif symbolizes good wishes for a happy marriage and to be blessed with bright offspring. It also contains principles that must be respected by the bride and the groom in the family. 

– Traditional Wedding Outfits in Central Java

ethnic identity 

A Memory of the Classic Era

For us, Batik from our region isn’t just a textile. We keep it wholeheartedly, as it is an invaluable heritage from our anchestors, the Osing of Banyuwangi, East Java.

– The Simplicity of the Classic Era

M. Edy Saputro (Kang Edai)

M. Edy Saputro (Kang Edai)

Photo: Edy Saputro