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Batik Represents One’s State of Mind

Formal social functions

Batik is unique medium of expression. It could be presented in many diverse way in formal social functions.

Batik & Me

Mega Mendung Motif

This black-colored batik motif gives a dashing and trusting impression to me in participating in the “Startup Istanbul” world event. I am proud to be able to show the identity of Indonesian traditional clothing to the eyes of the world.

M. Fajar Haqy Ismaya

Indonesian Student at Kocaeli University, Turkey

Coordinator of Indonesian Student Association Alliance in European and American Region 2019/2020

Batik & Me

Madura Coastal Motif

I am proud to wear the Batik origin from Madura Island, East Java. To me, it represents the hardworking character and faithfulness. In ancient time, women who live in coastal area used to create Batik while waiting for their husbands who work overseas.

Choirul Anam, Ph.D. (Cand.)

Indonesian Student at Charles University, Prague

President of Indonesian Student Association Alliance in Czech Republic 2019/2020

Batik & Me

Sulur Motif

Batik has always been my ultimate outfit gear in international conferences. It exposes Indonesian heritage roots which are rich in diversity and tolerance, resonating the identity of the People of Indonesia: Unity in Diversity.

Arzita Shafira, M.Sc

Master of International Relations, Geneva School of Diplomacy and Int’l Relations, Switzerland