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Facts of the region

Discover Batik in Central Sulawesi


The Batik in Central Sulawesi (photo: Liputan6)

The producer of Bomba Batik (photo: ole2khasPalu)

The Taiganja Pendant is a dowry which represents the symbol of royal status. It becomes one of Batik motif inspirations in Central Sulawesi (Photo: @Wikipedia)

The Longing Lullaby of Fishermen

The tradition of batik and Bomba weaving in Palu originates from an inter-generational tradition. The Palu people make silk thread woven with traditional looms into cloth. They also produce batik cloth using natural dye derived from the sap of trees. From time to time, the motifs of Batik Bomba have developed significatly, from motifs depicting their cultural traditions to nature, such as typical hammer plants. There are also motifs illustrating poets of fishermen and their personal lullaby about love and life.

Socio Cultural Values of Batik in Central Sulawesi

Batik Palu is known as Bomba Batik. Being open-minded and accepting differences seem to be a characteristic of the people of Palu. This attitude is reflected in the Bomba Batik. In addition, they also develop various typical motifs illustrating local-cultural values ​​such as Sambulugana (areca nut and betel leaf), traditional houses (souraja), Taiganja (precious metal ornaments), maleo birds, creeping flowers, and carving patterns of Kaili traditional houses.

Batik Motifs in Central Sulawesi

Batik Villages in Central Sulawesi

local batik workshop 

Batik villages are the region where the Batik producers mostly reside. You could buy the Batik textiles from the artisans and participate in the making process of Batik on the site.

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Batik Production in Central Sulawesi

Woven Textile Production in Central Sulawesi

The Splendid Beauty of Nature

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Pulau Sombori in Central Sulawesi (photo: @jadiberita)

About Central Sulawesi


Central Sulawesi Province is located in the central part of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. This province is known for its famous Donggala Bay, the largest and busiest trading port in Sulawesi during the Banawa kingdom era (14-16 Century).  According to J.V. Mills in Archipel (Vol. 29, 1979), this historical port was one of the most cited in the travel book of Chinese and European explorers. Central Sulawesi has extraordinary natural beauty and its splendid cultural festivals such as World Percussion Festivals, such as Palu Salonde Percussion in Palu City and the Vula Dongga Festival in Parigi Moutong.

Facts about Central Sulawesi

Central Sulawesi is bordered by the Sulawesi Sea and Gorontalo Province to the north, Maluku and North Maluku Provinces to the east, South Sulawesi Province and Southeast Sulawesi Province to the south, and Makassar Strait and West Sulawesi Province to the west. The capital city of Central Sulawesi Province is Palu. The total area of ​​Central Sulawesi Province is 61,841.29 km² with a total population of 2,968,980 people in 2017.

One of the highest mountains is Sojol mountain(3,226 masl) in Donggala Regency, which is known as a great hiking spot (Photo: @Like_Donggala).

Highlights on Culture

The majority of the population are Muslim (76.37%), Protestant Christians (16.58%), Hindus (4.45%), and Catholics (1.85%). The Banawa Kingdom, founded in the 14th century, was one of the three largest kingdoms in Central Sulawesi. 

Despite the continuous dominance of the colonials such as Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch in the territory, the Banawa Kingdom was deemed as a strong dynasty that it defended the area until the 19th century.  After the decline of the Banawa kingdom, Palu Kingdom emerged and joined the unitary state of the Indonesian republic in 1945. 

One of the intangible cultural heritage preserved by the local community is the Lumense Dance. The term ‘Lumense’ refers to fly as high as you can. This traditional dance is performed in the sacred ritual and local ceremonies (photo: KameraBudaya).

Map of Central Sulawesi Province

Map of Central Sulawesi (photo: Big.go.id)

Map of Indonesia

Map of Indonesia (photo: Resourceful Indonesia)

Tourist Attractions in Central Sulawesi