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Memories are made from the journey of our life. Every memory is personal, so with your passions and voices that are all unique and matter. Sharing a common interest in Batik textile heritage, we believe that you might want to express your passion for Batik with us. We welcome you to be our Guest Contributors. You could write your Batik personal stories, insights and/or your travel experiences in Indonesia. Please fill in the Guest Contributor Form below. Once we verify your request, we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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Batik goes beyond a textile

Batik is about a place, a state of mind, expression, feelings, and memory.

Let’s inspire the world with your stories!


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By joining our guest contributors network, you will gain several advantages as follows:

Creative Network

Upon the guest’s consent, the articles will be shared in our app, social media platform, and newsletters. Our guest contributor may also benefits from having an international exchange forum dedicated for Batik and other related textile heritage. You may also promote your Batik events or any national/international Indonesian Batik exhibitions that take place in your country.

Share Meaningful Insights

 Batik intangible cultural heritage is built upon stories related to moral wisdom that are transmitted from generation to generation. Supporting Batik tradition can be done by giving them a new meaning on how its symbols may relate to your memories and philosophies. Beside, sharing your interest in hobbies, art, or culture might be stimulating activities and create a peaceful space in your mind.

Motivate Batik Practitioners

The stories and articles shared in the iWareBatik platform will be discussed with Indonesian Batik artisans and young practitioners through our seminars and webinars. Your messages will stimulate their creativity to harness their skill in  Batik craftsmanship. Your inspiring stories may also motivate them in better understanding the exceptional cultural values of Batik textile heritage. 

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