Batik Village in West Kalimantan

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Brief Story:

West Kalimantan batik cloth also has its own characteristics, because each city district in West Kalimantan has its own style, as for instance the fish gills pattern and Tidayu batik, typical Batik of Singkawang City. Tidayu is an acronym of 3 tribes living in Singkawang namely Tiongkok (Chinese), Dayak, Melayu (Malay). Moreover, batik textiles produced by West Kalimantan’s Malay ethnic are known for its impressive colours with various shapes. We will also find flower patterns to arowana fish. In addition to batik, the Malay Ethnic living in West Kalimantan has a strong weaving tradition. The woven cloths may be diverse. Apart from Sidan and Songket woven textile, there is Kebat cloth, which is considered as luxurious textile and is usually worn during ceremonies.


Address: Jalan Patimura No.47 – 49, Darat Sekip, Kec. Pontianak Kota, Pontianak City, West Kalimantan.