North Sulawesi Province is an area located on the Sulawesi island Sulawesi. The Capital city of North Sulawesi is Manado. The population of North Sulawesi (North Sulawesi) in 2017 was 2,461,028 people. It borders with the Republic of the Philippines to the north, the Maluku Sea to the east, Gorontalo Province to the west, and Tomini Bay to the south. This region has 627 coastal villages & 1,037 countryside villages.

the native ethnics inhabit the region are Minahasa, Bantik, Borgo, Mongondow, Ponosakan, Ratahan, Sangir, Talaud, Tambulu, Tonsawang, Tonsea, Toulour (Tondano). 

Manado was under control of the Kingdom of Bowontehu in the 13th Century. Later between 1500-1678, the Siau Kingdom was established in the region. According to history, the Siau Kingdom is one of the kingdoms in the archipelago that has existed for more than four centuries. There were also some other small kingdoms such as the Bowontehu Kingdom, Bolaang Mongondow, Bintauna Kingdom, Bolaang Kingdom, and the Kaidipang Kingdom that existed in the region and later became the kingdom of Manarauw (Manado). In 1523, the Portuguese arrived in Manado. Since then, some areas of the North Sulawesi were colonized by several western colonials (Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch) until 19 Century.

Today North Sulawesi Province is the venue of some international-scale events such as WOC (World Ocean Conference), Sail Bunaken, Tomohon Flowers Festival. In addition, there are some interesting annual cultural festivals such as Figura Festival and Tapikong.

North Sulawesi Province is famous for its motto, “Si Tou Timou Tumou Tou” which means to respect each other and to live by empowering the others.

North Sulawesi

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