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iWareBatik being featured in Biennale of Western Balkan (BoWB) Special Edition

Biennale of Western Balkan (BoWB) organized a special program covering  Art Pluriverse, which refers to a community science series for arts and culture that envisions a boundary spanning approach to intangible cultural heritage (ICH) through art and open knowledge. The event was held virtually on 3rd-23rd December 2020 and produced significant outcomes on the advancement of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) safeguarding. iWareBatik was featured as one of the inspiring digital innovations for preserving Batik ICH through new media in BoWB first special edition. For further information, the bulletin of BoWB Art pluriverse can be downloaded here

Batik is a textile-making tradition in Indonesia that was inscribed by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009.

iWareBatik is a digital platform that is designed to showcase and communicate the exceptional cultural values of Batik tradition that is protected by UNESCO as the legacy of humanity.

The online platform serves to help international and Indonesian Batik stakeholders to identify the variety of Batik textiles, philosophical values behind the motif, its place of origin, and useful information about local producers. Since Batik characterises the culture of each region in Indonesia, iWareBatik platform also features information about Indonesian tourism overview related to Batik in 34 provinces across Indonesia.

The Artificial Intelligence machine learning provides a new learning experience to reveal the hidden past of the Batik motifs using the Batik Recognition Tool in the mobile app. 

App download links: 

Android and iOs

Together with other digital innovations in intangible cultural heritage domain, iWareBatik has been featured as one of the inspiring digital innovations in BoWB first special edition

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Permatasari, P. A., Ningrum, F. U., Uriawan, W., & Cantoni, L. (2023). More Than Words: Evaluating iWareBatik Digital Technologies in the Perspective of Heritage Tourism. In L. Bassa (Ed.), Combining Modern Communication Methods With Heritage Education (pp....

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