Pilih Laman

Lampung is located at the southernmost tip of the island of Sumatra and bordered with Sunda Strait in the west and the Java Sea in the east. It has an area of ​​35.376.50 km2, with a total population of 8.289 million people. The major population is Muslim (95%), Christians (2,2%), Hindus (1,5%), and Buddhists (0,72%). Lampung Province has a fairly long coastline and a series of mountains called the Bukit Barisan. The Bukit Barisan is a series of volcanic mountains that stretch along the island of Sumatra from the northern tip of Nangroe Aceh Darussalam to the southern tip of Lampung Province. Given the multiethnicity of the region, Lampung Province has the slogan of “Sang Bumi Ruwa Jurai”, which means one earth inhabited by two tribes, namely Pepadun ethnic and Sai Batin ethnic group. The region has an annual event called Krakatau Festival. Since 1990, this festival is one of the most awaited events by the people of Lampung. It performs various events such as cultural carnivals, Tapis textile heritage exhibitions, and a parade of traditional clothing from the two big ethnic groups of Lampung. The festival also presents various traditional dances, including the Tupura Sekura Mask and Tupping Traditional Dance.


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