West Sulawesi is a province located in Sulawesi Island. The capital of West Sulawesi Province is Mamuju City. The total area of the region is 16,787.18 Km2 with a population of 1,330,961 inhabitants according to the population census in 2017. West Sulawesi Province is bordered by Central Sulawesi Province to the north, the Makassar Strait to the west, while in the South and East it is bordered by South Sulawesi Province. The indigenous tribes of this area are the Mandar (49.15%), and other regional tribes such as Toraja (13.95%), Bugis (10.79%), Javanese (5.38%). Most of West Sulawesi’s population adheres to Islam (74.36%), then Christians (22.26%), Catholics (0.96%), Hindus (2.12%) and Buddhists (0, 04%). Several kingdoms ruled the region since the 13th Century, namely Balanipa, Proude, Pamboang, Sendana, Tappalang, Mamuju, Maturga, and Bambang. At the beginning of the 16th Century, Mandar ethnic was formed as the aggregation of 14 Kingdoms which ruled the upstream and the estuary parts of the region. Among the 14 kingdoms, the Mamuju Kingdom and the Balanipa Kingdom were considered the largest kingdoms of the Mandar Tribe.  Mandar traditional community life recognizes three social layers, namely the aristocratic group (Todiang Laiyana), the majority group (Tau Maradika), and the slave layer (Batua). Todilalang  King, the first king in the 16th Century, set the foundation of democracy. Since then, the throne could not be passed on generation to generation but the King had to be chosen by a traditional institution (adat).

West Sulawesi is known for its local wisdom in the form of boat building (Sandeq boat), architecture, woven textile tradition, and cultural festivals.

West Sulawesi (what to visit)

  1. Balla Peu Village

For all the people interested in the Mamasa culture, this place will give them the opportunity to have a deep in this amazing culture. Once you arrived in this village, you will have the chance to look at the local architecture which dominate in the typical houses of the place. You will be hosted by the local people and have a close look to their traditions, such as the ‘Tenung’ which is a typical weaving cloth produced by women with different motifs.

  • Bahari Beach

Located in the center of Polewali City, this beach takes its name from the road in which it develops itself. It is commonly visited by locals, so you cannot miss the chance to experience how they experience this place!

  • Palipis Beach

If your daily routine is frenetic, and the main objective of your vacation is to escape from it, Palipis beach will offer you a paradisiac view to chill out and enjoy your time. The white sand and the crystal clear sea will take you to another dimension: RELAX!

West Sulawesi

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