Riau is a province located on the island of Sumatra bordering with West Sumatra, North Sumatra, and Jambi. This Province is known as one of the richest provinces in Indonesia as it produces petroleum oil, natural gas, and palm oil. It stretches in a total area of 87,023.66 km2, with a population of 6,074,647 inhabitants. The majority of the population in Riau province is Muslim (87.47%), then Christian (9.27%), Buddhist (2.18%), Catholic (1.01%), and Hindu.

Previously, Riau was an amalgamation of Malay kingdoms that had triumphed in this region. Those kingdoms are Indragiri Kingdom (1658-1838), Siak Sri Indrapura Kingdom (1723-1858), Pelalawan Kingdom (1530-1879), Riau-Lingga Kingdom (1824-1913) ) and several other small kingdoms. Riau also has exceptional cultural wealth as it registered 76 types of Indonesian intangible cultural heritage, ranging from food, art, dance, traditional cloth, customs, and games.


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