North Maluku is located in the province of North Maluku. the capital of North Maluku Province was moved to Sofifi City which is located on Halmahera Island, the largest island in North Maluku.

North Maluku Province is bordered by the Pacific Ocean while to the south it is bordered by the Seram Sea. In the east, North Maluku Province is bordered by the Halmahera Sea and the Maluku Sea to the west.

The area of ​​North Maluku Province is 31,982.50 Km2. The total population is 1,232,632 people in 2018. Geographically North Maluku is a group of islands with a land and water ratio of 24: 76. It has 395 islands, 83% or around 331 islands are uninhabited. Various tribes reside in the North Maluku region, namely Madole, Pagu, Ternate, West Makian, Kao, Tidore, Buli, Patani, Maba, Sawai, Weda, Gane, East Makian, Kayoa, Bacan, Sula, Ange, Siboyo, Kadai, Galela, Tobelo, Loloda, Tobaru, Sahu, and Arab.

North Maluku Province was the territory of 4 major kingdoms of the Eastern Archipelago of the Archipelago, consisting of the Sultanate of Bacan; Jailolo Sultanate; The Sultanate of Tidore; and the biggest is the Sultanate of Ternate which stood from the 13th to the 19th century. Then in 1512, the Portuguese landed on the Ternate island and marked the beginning of the colonial era.

North Maluku province is known for its annual Jailolo Bay Festival. There is also the Gam Legu Festival that is organized by the Sultanate of Ternate. Some distinctive cultural arts of North Maluku are the Cakalele dance which involves at least 30 male and female dancers. In addition, this region is also known for its intangible cultural heritage products such as pandanus woven mats. Such a unique skill of North Halmahera has been passed down from generation to generation.

North Maluku (what to visit)

  1. Ternate

it is the capital of North Maluku and it is quite popular among tourists. One of its main characteristics is that it is located ender the foot of the volcano Gamalama.

There are a lot of activities you can enjoy in this city, such as tracking, or you can have a walk around the most important historical spots of the town.

  • Kalamata Fort

Again, it is a testimony of the Portuguese colonization of Indonesia. This fort is located near the sea so if you have a passion for photography, you can enjoy it in here, since the place looks so easy on the eyes and also on the camera lens!

  • Kie Matubu

Being the highest point of North Maluku, from here you can surely enjoy a breathtaking view, made up of mountains, nature and surrounding areas in the background. A tip for you: try to enjoy it when it is a full moon!

North Maluku

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