Bengkulu is a province located in Sumatra Island, which spans a total area of ​​19,788.70 km2 and bordered by West Sumatra, Lampung, Indian Ocean, Jambi, and South Sumatra. The major population is the Muslim community. In the Bengkulu region, there were ethnic-based local kingdoms such as the Serut River kingdom, Selebar kingdom, Patpetulai kingdom, Balai Buntar kingdom, Lemau River Kingdom, Sekiris Kingdom, Gedung Agung Kingdom, and the Marau Riang Kingdom. The inhabitants of Bengkulu are from a variety of ancestries and ethnic groups, such as Mukomuko, Pekal, Rejang, Serawai, Lembak, and Enggano. Bengkulu received strong Islamic culture in terms of visual and performing arts (traditional music and dances). One of the well-known visual arts of Bengkulu is the textile arts called Besurek batik. It is a batik cloth decorated with Arabic letters and is recognized by the Indonesian government as one of Indonesia’s cultural treasures. Bengkulu is also famous for nature and its historical treasures. There are tropical rain forests where we can find a variety of rare plant species, such as the famous Rafflesia Arnoldi Flowers, Wetland Orchid Vanda Hookeriana, Medang, Meranti, Ratan, and Resin wood. One of the historic building in this region is the fort of Malborough, which was built on an area of ​​44,100 square meters by the British colony in 1914.


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