Besurek Rafflesia


The term “Besurek” refers to a textile that contains letters or inscriptions. Besurek batik art in Bengkulu was introduced by batik merchants and artists from Demak. This motif can be traced from the history of the Sultanate of Demak, which was the first and largest Islamic Kingdom in Java Island (1475-1548). The pattern reveals the sacred prayers written in Arabic calligraphy, combined with Kaganga letters or Bengkulu original letters. This motif also illustrates the beauty of the Rafflesia Arnoldii flower, the rare flower species that grows in Bengkulu area.

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How to preserve Batik

Philosophical Meanings of Batik

Learn and identify the meaning of the motifs from each region. Are you searching for a meaningful gift for your loved ones? Surprise them with a merry little Batik!

Authentic Batik

Buy the authentic handwritten Batik textiles to add to your prestigious collection. Such support will enhance the well-being of Batik artisans and preserve the living heritage.

Batik Community

If you want to meet the Batik artisans, we encourage you to visit and support Batik workshops in Indonesia. You may discover the local tourism that suits your preference!

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009

Batik Production Process in Bengkulu

Batik production can take 1 month up to 2 years of working time depending on the purposes of the textile creation and the colour complexity. The Batik handwriting textile is generally made with 8 design steps, ranging from wax patterning to colouring process. The artists use Canting, as a tool to put hot melted wax on the cloth. 

Batik Regions 

Overview of Bengkulu Province

Bengkulu is also famous for nature and its historical treasures. There are tropical rain forests where we can find a variety of rare plant species, such as the famous Rafflesia Arnoldi Flowers, Wetland Orchid Vanda Hookeriana, Medang, Meranti, Ratan, and Resin wood.

Batik Villages in Bengkulu Province

Batik villages are the region where the Batik producers mostly reside and open their  Batik workshops, as well as display their Batik products. You could buy the Batik textiles from the artisans and participate in the making process of Batik on the site.

Other Royal Motifs