Batik Village in South Sumatra

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Brief Story:

Speaking of Palembang, it must be identical to Pempek food and its Songket woven textile. But who would have thought that Palembang had also very unique batik. What makes Palembang batik look distinctive or unique is the batik fabric is created by tie-dye technique. The textile is tightened with a rope so that the color could diffuse and create a certain pattern on the textile. This is what makes it somewhat different from the process of making batik in general. Even so, Palembang batik is certainly not far from Javanese batik accents. Examples of Palembang batik motifs are the Batik Motif Lasem, Tea Flower Motif, Songket Motif, Jumputan Motif, Jump Flower Motif, Jepri Flower Motif, Fish Scales Motif, and many more. Apart from batik, the Batik galleries in this city also sells Palembang Songket, which is the authentic golden thread woven textile of Palembang.

Address: Jalan Ilir 24, Bukit Kecil, Palembang, South Sumatra.

Photo: Liputan6