Batik Village in South Sulawesi

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Brief Story:

Don’t you know that the oldest batik textile in Indonesia is origin from Toraja land in South Sulawesi? In order to trace back this textile history, you must Karassik Hills village that is designated as a village of education and batik making in Toraja. So here you can learn how to make batik, with all the batik motifs that are provided. The unique motif of this place is Tongkongan traditional house of Toraja and its carvings. If you come here, you may not only learn how to make batik and visit the national heritage of Toraja. Have you planned for your next holiday? Make sure that this place is in your travel bucket list!


Address: Karassik Hills, Jl. Ke’te’ Kesu’, Kesu’, North Toraja, South Sulawesi