Batik Village in South Kalimantan

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Brief Story:

The city of Banjarmasin is very identical to its Sasirangan fabric, either in forms of batik or woven textile. Sasirangan is a typical batik cloth of the Banjar tribe in South Kalimantan. The uniqueness of this Sasirangan batik cloth is derived from the word ‘Sirang’,  which means “to stitch”. This fabric is made by tie-dye technique that is done by stripping the textile with raffia straps, and then soak it into dye water. Sasirangan Batik is believed to have healing power for the illness. In ancient times, people use different colour of Sasirangan to cure different illnesses.  Some examples of the Sasasangan Batik motifs are Iris Pudak, Spinach Raja, Kambang Raja, Sinapur Karang Waves, Karang Kurikit, Bintang Bahambur (Spreading Stars), and many others. 


Address: Jalan Seberang Mesjid Rt.06 No 4, Banjarmasin Tengah, Banjarmasin City, South Kalimantan 70231