Batik Village in North Kalimantan

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Brief Story:

Batik Bultiya is an acronym of Batik Bulungan, Tidung, and Dayak. This batik is already quite well known in the North Kalimantan region. In addition to the interesting and elegant batik motifs, Bultiya batik represent the message and historical values of 3 tribes living in North Kalimantan. Briefly, this batik motif was designed by Farida. Despite being rejected many times, she was persistent in communicating her design with the regent and the leaders of the 3 tribes. Finally her design was accepted and became the pride of this region. If you are interested in buying this batik, please come to Bulungan city.


Address: Jalan Salak, Tanjung Selor, Bulungan City, North Kalimantan.