Batik Village in Lampung

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Brief Story:

One of the batik hunting spots in Lampung is Griya Batik Gabovira. Griya Batik Gabovira was founded by Mr. Gatot who is very keen on learning the Lampung textile culture. Starting from his love for batik bags and Lampung culture, the idea was to develop Siger Woman Crown as the iconic Lampung ornament into batik motifs. Until now there have been many new innovations in batik motifs. The batik motifs which have been developed are a combination of several coastal batik motifs. Those geometrical motifs, (such as rectangles, circles, rhombus, triangles and so on) can be combined with some ornaments and symbols of the Lampung region (such as Siger Tower, Elephants, ships, bamboo shoots, elephants, etc). Once you come to the Batik house, you will be able to trace the hidden history of this place!


Address: Jalan Cik Ditiro A1 N0. 1-2, Beringin Raya, Kec. Kemiling, Bandar Lampung City, Lampung..

Photo: Saibumi