Batik Village in East Java

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Brief Story:

One cannot miss this historical Batik village, which has existed since 1675. This place called Jetis Batik village. The Jetis batik motif mostly represents typical flora and fauna of Sidoarjo city.  Batik from Jetis also adopts other motifs such as Madura style of Batik which is dominated with red and green colors, Kutah rice motif, and other typical motifs in the region. One of distinctive features of batik from Sidoarjo are their striking bright colors (bright, red, green, yellow with black outline). It is also known for its distinctive motifs, such as bird motifs like peacocks and other animals. If you want to have a look, please come to this village!


Address:  Jl. Pangeran Diponegoro, Lemah Putro,  Sidoarjo Regency, East Java.

Photo: Tribunnews