Batik Villages in Central Kalimantan

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Brief Story:

Batik Benang Bintik is the hallmark of Central Kalimantan’s typical batik. “Benang” in the local language refers to a piece of white cloth. Whereas “Bintik” means the design or images that are on the strands of the fabric. The Benang Bintik Batik motif is taken from paintings or engravings of historical remnants. There are other motives such as Tuyan Kawit motifs, jars, spears, shields, and so on. So, don’t be hesitate to discover all kinds of beautiful textiles in Palangkaraya!


Address: Jalan Badak, Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan  

Address: Pahandut, Jekan Raya,  Palangkaraya City, Central Kalimantan.

Photo: Agung Suproyanto

Photo: Agung Suproyanto