Batik Villages in Central Java

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Brief Story:

Pekalongan city has been designated as UNESCO creative city in the category of Crafts and Folk Arts. This cultural city is well-known for its batik traders and craftsmen. So no wonder if  Pekalongan batik has spread across Indonesia thanks to the  Batik merchants from this region. Kauman batik village is one of ancient Batik villages ever preserved in Java Island. In this village, many batik showrooms exhibit various Batik textiles and ready-to-wear clothing. Batik motifs displayed here are mostly the classical type of Batik with dark colors, like brown, or black. Here you can also find some colourful Batik textiles in contemporary art produced by local artists. The position of Kauman Batik Village is also very strategic as it is surrounded by city’s main boulevards and historical places such as Klewer Market and city hall. Other than Kauman Batik village, you could also visit Pesindon Batik village located nearby. You will just need to follow road signs to access this unique place!


Address: Jl. Hayam Wuruk, Kauman, Kec. Pekalongan Timur, Kota Pekalongan, Jawa Tengah 51127, Indonesia