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Batik Village in West Papua

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Brief Story:

Batik may not be the main products of Papua regions, however, Papua batik still exists with its own wonderful characteristics. Papua province is known for its Noken textile making tradition, which was inscribed as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage in 2012. Typical batik motifs in West Papua are a traditional house of Papua (Honai), Cendrawasih (birds of paradise), axes, Koteka and Asmat sculptural and carving motifs. Some Batik galleries also develop their own motif, such as Papuan Tifa music instrument, tribal symbols, coastal marine life etc. One of Indonesia’s most famous destinations – the Raja Ampat Islands produce their typical coastal Batik. So if you are travelling to West Papua, do not forget to capture great photographs and buy textile souvenirs! 

Address: Jalan Malabutor, Sorong Manoi, Kota Sorong, Papua Barat.

Address: Jl Sam Ratulangi No 89, Sorong, West Papua