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Batik Village in Papua

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Brief Story:

Batik may not be the main products of Papua regions, however, Papua batik still exists with its own wonderful characteristics. Papua province is known for its Noken textile making tradition, which was inscribed as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage in 2012. When you come to Papua, you will not only see batik products from Papua land, but also those from Makassar, Toraja, Java, and other regions. If batik motifs from other regions are more symmetrical, then Papua batik motifs are made asymmetrical with additional bright colors so they look more exotic. So, you can mix and match the Papua batik with your basic outfits. Are you ready for textile adventure in Papua? 

Address: Jl. Pacific Permai, Bayangkara, Jayapura Utara, Kota Jayapura, Papua

Address: Komplek Pemda 2, Blok C No. 24, Mandala, Jayapura Utara, Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia