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Batik Village in Maluku

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Brief Story:

Like other regions in Indonesia, Ambon has batik cloth associated with regional and cultural characteristics. Maluku batik itself is an offering of Maluku citizens to present a variety of motifs drawn from cultures in the land of Maluku. This batik is made with a blend of traditional ethnicity and modern design techniques for a more elegant and contemporary look. But still, the process is traditional. Some examples of Ambon motifs are clove, Siwalima, nutmeg motifs, and Salawaku motifs. This place will never tire to bore you, come and discover Maluku!


Address: Jl. BTN Kebun Cengkeh No.05, Batu Merah, Sirimau, Ambon City, Maluku

Photo: Oleh-oleh khas Ambon