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Amatoa Indigenous Village

Ammatoa Indigenous Village (Photo: CeritaFebrian)

Kajang community in Ammatoa Village (Photo: @educationtech)

Amatoa Indigenous Village

As soon as you enter this village you can really perceive the locals’ willingness to have you in their village. In fact, you will find something which tells “Welcome to Amatoa Indigenous Village”. This village is inhabited by the Kajang tribe, which is one of the oldest tribe that existed in the Indonesian archipelago. When exploring the village, if you notice, most houses have similar shape and follow the same direction. Kajang tribe is known for their local wisdom to communicate with nature. In addition, they have a typical traditional ceremony that is practised to reveal one’s lies. The villains and those whose lies are proven during the ceremony will be punished according to the custom. Black is the typical colour used by local villagers, as it is  considered as the metaphor of truth and honesty. Do you want to experience another cultural sensation? Come here and feel the difference!

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Amatoa Indigenous Village

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